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Sensei Adette Rice

Kyoshi 7° - Founder of WeeKick™

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Adette Rice, 7th degree black belt, World Weapons Champion, two-time Canadian Kata Champion, mother of two, martial arts instructor, writer. To say that Adette Rice is passionate about her work would be a huge understatement. Her approach to teaching martial arts is heavily rooted in classic tradition while incorporating modern teaching methods and her own unique blend of energy, discipline and fun. Kyoshi Rice brings to each class an infectious energy and enthusiasm which motivates everyone to work towards his or her own personal best.

Before earning her black belt, Adette was eager to begin teaching and at green belt began to regularly assist her Sensei in classes. By brown belt she was teaching classes and running her own competitive karate team. At black belt, she began teaching both children and adults on a regular basis and extended her teaching out of the dojo to include such places as: the Waterloo Region Board of Education, Girl Guides of Canada, K/W Detox Centre, Grand River Hospital, Research in Motion, Achievement in Motion, Regal Capital Planners and the City of Waterloo.

Adette is working tirelessly to dispel many of the stereotypes associated with the martial arts. Driftwood Martial Arts bears the distinction of being one of the first full time, professional, Canadian martial arts studio to be opened by and run solely by a female instructor. To that end, she has developed and implemented several highly successful programs into the curriculum and community including the KidSafe Advantage Program, the Success Advantage Program and Freedom From Fear Women’s Self Protection and her own WeeKick™ KinderKarate Program which began in 2008.

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Shihan Adette Rice began training in Hamilton under the direction of Sensei Layton Morrison in 1990. For the next 17 years she would have the honour and privilege of training with some of the worlds most notable instructors including: O’Sensei Richard Kim, Morio Higaonna, Fumio Demura, Patrick McCarthy, Ramon Veras, Peter Urban, Larry Hartsell, Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace, Rusty McMains, Devorah Dometrich, Don Warrener, Gary Legacy, Tom Patire, Carlos Montalvo and Chuck Merriman.

As a competitor, she has won countless awards on the regional, national and international level including 2 world championship titles and 3 Canadian championship titles.

Adette feels privileged to have the opportunity to do the work she does and shows her gratitude by using the dojo to raise money and awareness for causes which she feels equally passionate about. The Canadian Breast Cancer Initiative, Breast Cancer Action and Support of K/W, the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the KOOL FM Poster Boy Campaign for the Grand River Cancer Centre have all been recipients of funds raised by Renshi Rice’s efforts sharing in nearly $17,000 in combined donations. Through Driftwood Martial Arts, approximately $19,000 has been contributed to Camp Oochigaes through our "Kicks for Camp" events.

Sensei Rice was awarded her title of 'Kyoshi' in November of 2016 and promoted to 7th Degree Black Belt by Hanshi Carlos Montalvo (10th Dan). Kyoshi Rice is also the Canadian Director of Ronin Goju Ryu Kai.